Dear Members of the 'Nederlandse Vereniging',

Please join us again this year at the Residence of our Consul General on the Peak when Sinterklaas and his Pieten will honour us with a visit.

We have a whole lot of activitiesfor our youngest member organized in the big green garden:

  • Bouncy castle
  • The face painting sisters Melissa and Kira
  • A clown who will make magical balloon figures
  • Old Dutch games
  • Sinterklaas lekkernijen sponsored by Action

The Dutch House will provide the catering with a mix of Dutch and international snacks and some nice white wine. Bubbles & Wines will provide the bubble corner with chilled Prosecco.

We would like to give Sinterklaas a warm welcome at 2pm at the parking area in front of the Residence and Sinterklaas and his Pieten will leave at 4.15pm. Please be on time to sing along with the Sinterklaas songs.

Important NBs:

NB1: In line with the old tradition of the NV, we have decided, for practical reasons, that instead of the NV buying presents for the children, we ask you as parents to buy the gifts for your own children. Please, in consideration to the other children, do not spend more than HKD 200 on the present as we will distribute them during the Sinterklaas party. Please wrap your present and put your child's name clearly written on it. You can drop off your present BEFORE 1st of December at 20B Fortis Tower, 77 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai. If you do not have any Sinterklaas wrapping paper yourself, we can provide that to you at the above-mentioned office address as well (but only of course after the wrapping paper has come in), where you can wrap your child's present as well.

NB2: Please purchase one ticket of HKD 100 per child. Children BELOW 3 are FOR FREE. In addition, please purchase one ticket of HKD 200 per adult. Thus if you are a family of 2 parents and 2 children (both being 3 years of age or older), you will need to purchase 2 tickets of HKD 100 each and 2 tickets of HKD 200 each, in total HKD 600.

NB3: When completing the application form for your child /children, please state not only your (i) Child's/Children's Name and (ii) his/her/their date of birth(s), but ALSO (iii) mention a few funny lines/stories about your Child/Children under the 'Optional' Field (it says 'optional' because of technical reasons). This would be 'information' Sinterklaas can use when he speaks to the children.

NB4: Please do NOT park in front of the Residence of the Consul General and please do NOT drive your car or taxi into the drive lane of the Consul General as we need the space for Sinterklaas, the 'Pieten' and obviously the children.

NB5: No refund (minus costs) will take place after 15th of November!

NB6: This event is only for members!!

NB7: Please note that, as also follows from our Netherlands Association Rules, the Netherlands Association is not responsible for any damage or injuries that are caused during its organised events.

The Nederlandse Vereniging, Sinterklaas and his Pieten are looking forward to the big party and we hope you can join us!


Sinterklaas en Piet


Residence Consul General of the Netherlands
24 Mount Cameron Road
The Peak, HK Island, Hong Kong SAR (China)

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